Code of Ethics

1. Uphold the Code of Ethics of this association.
2. Recognize and discharge all my responsibilities and duties in such a fashion as to be a credit to this association and profession.
3. Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to reflect credit and add to the stature of the profession of Equipment Technician.
4. Base endorsements, either verbal or written, by means of any medium, strictly upon satisfactory personal experiences with the item or product identified.
5. Recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in relationships with fellow Equipment Technicians and others associated with this profession and industry.
6. Assist my fellow Equipment Technicians in all ways consistent with my abilities only when called upon to do so and with the incumbent Technicians knowledge, participation, and acceptance.
7. Abstain from the debasement of, or encroachment upon, the professional reputation, practice, or employment of another Equipment Technician.
8. Lend my support to, and actively participate in, the effort of this association and other affiliated associations to improve understanding and recognition of the profession of Equipment Technician.
9. Abstain from any exploitation of my association, industry, or profession.
10. Abstain from the use of any and all mind altering substances while on the job and during all meetings of this association.